Where fine dining and history meet.

We are pleased to have you aboard and would like to share with you some history of our fine establishment.

Tarentum’s first railroad station was built in 1870, near the site of the present structure, which was raised and extensively remodeled between 1913 and 1916. Visitors from President William Howard Taft, William Jennings Bryan, Carrie Nation, Kit Carson and Chief Irontail arrived on the transportation choice of their day. The last passenger train pulled out of the Pennsylvania Railroad station in 1964. The building remained closed and boarded up until the early 1980’s when renovations began and then opened as the Tarentum Station Restaurant and Lounge in July, 1984 and served the area for 23 years until it closed in August, 2007.

New owners John and Sally Greco became the new tenants of the Tarentum Railroad Station in September, 2007 and began major renovations and opened JG’s Tarentum Station Grille on January 9, 2008. Upgrades continued for three years, which included a building extension that expanded the kitchen and addedd office space. More additions incorporated a new roof and box gutters, new lighting and the new walkways and patio surfaces allowing for outdoor dining in the warmers months. A popular 180 foot long wall mural by Tarentum artist, Wall Sommer, painted during the summers of 2010 and 2011 captures the borough’s history through railroad imagery and is a popular sight outside of the building.

Freight trains still are an active prescence on the now Norfolk Southern tracks, whizzing past with car full of coal from the Appalachian Mountains to other commodities that feed the hunger of our nation.

We, at JG’s Tarentum Station Grille, wish you to enjoy the warmth of the past in a unique destination for continental cuisine. In a relaxing setting, JG’s offers the right ambiance, an extensive menu and a wide selection at the original bar to make for an unforgettable experience.

About the Chef

Executive chef Joe Ross First came to the Tarentum Station in 1986, after his internship with the Pittsburgh Press Club. He spent 10 years at the formerly named ‘Tarentum Station’ before venturing to other restaurants including Franco’s, Cafe Naples and the Eastwood Inn. He returned to the now, JGs Tarentum Station Grille in 2010 where he was named Executive Chef.

Joe’s vast array of experience is evident in our expansive continental menu. His specialties include Italian and Mediterranean, but you will be pleased to find a variety of gourmet recipes, stemming from French cuisine and beyond, such as our popular Cajun Combo. His creativity is evident on our featured dinner menus, where you will often find selections ranging from lavish seafood dishes to rich gourmet meat and potato presentations.

With Joe’s 40 years of experience and a fire-fueled passion for cooking, you can expect a truly divine dining experience, that is sure to leave you coming back for more.

The Sinatra Table

The Sinatra table is the most requested table in the house. Legend has it that Sinatra himself once sat at the Tarentum Station waiting for a train. The photo displayed above the popular “almost famous” table depicts Sinatra sitting on his suitcase at a train station. Has he ever in fact taken a train here? We’ll leave that part a legend. We’d certainly like to think so.

Need a place for a private luncheon or dinner?

Our upstairs dining room is available for parties of up to forty people.